TUCCI Italy SROTOLARE ABS 28" Large Travel Suitcase

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Lake ‘Como’ is the third largest lake in Italy and the inspiration for this luggage, with subtle details on the shores, microdiamond texture and replaceable wheels, it is a unique piece that should be with you on your next adventure, TUCCI Disegno.


  • ABS Hardshell - Flexible, durable, lightweight
  • Anti-Scratch Resistant Texture
  • Deluxe interior, signature lining
  • 2" Expandable, up to 35% extra space*
  • Built-in Combination Lock
  • Glide-tech wheel system
  • Soft Jelly Handle Grips
  • 10 Year Limited Global Warranty
* Only check in bags


Inner Dimensions:  28" x 18.9" W x 10.9" D
Outer Dimensions:  30.7"x19.6" W x 11.4" D
Volume(Expanded): 111L
Weight: 8.6lbs / 3.9kg*

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